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  1. Shimazaki 44wk 5d ago

    Well i didnt noticed any flaws but im a vector Waller so i god no idea about Illustrations but i coudnt tell it apart from original artwork exept the clean quallity so i was kinda amazed by it.
    I keep record for being able to see slight differences but i dont know anyone whos doin it like me XD

    Its sure is sad to see al the people being inactive or retired, With AP fall it sure did damage to the overall Waller Community. Since you were on AP im sure youve seen some of my works, i deleted them all here because they were crappy but on walling for maybe 8 years. Hope to see you around here, there arent many people left who do walling and comunicate with other, the most newcomers doesnt reply to people

  2. Shimazaki 44wk 5d ago

    Im happy you replied, i think we need more Wallpapers like the one you did and it looks really good i just cant tell if you did it from scratch or sued something as a base so i was pretty much interested in seein a skecth or somethin but we work differently so not everyone do some snap shots from time to time to recored the difference made in the process.

    How come you came back here? its kinda deserted here but some people are still active so i hope to see some more stuff from you ;)

  3. Shimazaki 45wk 0d ago

    Hey, youre kinda new here but it seems like you have more experience here then some of the regular wallers, got any more Wallpapers or is it a one time thing?

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